"Weapons of mass distraction" are all around us.

Too much information. Too many choices. Addictive devices and apps. Disruptive technologies. Sensational fake news. All of these things compete for our personal attention, insidiously killing our ability to focus on what should be most important to us.

At the same time, as business professionals, we have a need to capture and maximize attention from likewise distracted prospects, clients, employers and employees in order to achieve our strategic business and career goals. Therein lies our modern day dilemma and social paradox.

Welcome to the "Attention Economy."

The MaximizeME Learning Series offers on-demand education for the modern professional who's dedicated to remaining relevant and personally fulfilled in a world where it's hard to keep up!

Capture and Hold the Attention of Others:

Cutting through clutter has become much harder as the amount of choices and level of mass distraction has grown. Adopt strategies and tactics that build credibility and trust and demonstrate your unique value as an individual or an organization to help you stand out from your competition, drive new opportunity and influence lasting success.

Harness and Channel Our Own Attention:

In a distracted world where multi-tasking is the norm, our inability to focus has become a conditioned state - an unintended consequence of our connected world. As a result, innovation, productivity, health and relationships suffer. Get back on track to regain and strengthen the key, uniquely human skills that will prove invaluable in the future of work. Learn to focus on developing the habits necessary to enjoy a healthy and happy modern lifestyle.

Thrive in the Attention Economy

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