If you're not engaging with clients, prospects and influencers online, your competition probably is.

(Uh oh. That's not good for you.)

SOCIAL SELLING is the art of using social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find, connect with, understand, and nurture opportunities with your ideal audience. It’s the modern way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers that keep you and your brand -- both your personal one and that of your organization's -- top of mind, making you the natural first choice for consideration when a prospect is ready to buy. 

Yes, it's possible to sell more by "selling" less when you see the value of dropping the old-fashioned, interruptive and often aggressive tactics of the past. Instead, become a valuable trusted resource all along your buyer's decision making journey - attracting opportunities, rather than chasing them -- and possibly chasing them away!

B2B sales professionals who have integrated social selling techniques into their sales process way outperform those who are stuck in the old way of doing things.

"Sell More by Selling Less" is a step-by-step course for B2B professionals  that can help you drive opportunity by learning how to effectively engage and influence in social channels.

Grow your skills and confidence over time

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  • You know social selling is important but you don't know how and where to start

    Maybe you've been in sales a long time and thought this online thing was just a fad, but you don't want to admit you need help getting up to speed. Maybe you're seeing your social savvy colleagues beat their quotas. Or, maybe your boss just told you your social presence is awful and you better get with the program. All that matters is that you're here now and it's not too late to be a social selling champion.

  • Your sales quota keeps rising but traditional sales tactics are falling short

    Traditional tactics like cold calling have become entrenched activities in the sales profession, but are less effective in reaching key decision makers when they're ready to buy. Influencing in the new attention economy requires serious mindset and behavior change. Make this learning worth the necessary investment in personal development and growth.

  • You're so busy that your own skills development gets put on the back burner

    You know it's important, but why is it that focusing on your own professional development never makes it to the top of the to-do list? No time? No problem. Enjoy short, enjoyable (really!) lessons, delivered to your personal dashboard in weekly installments over one month. This delivery method gives you time to practice what you learn, growing your skills and your confidence so you can engage with intention....and influence!

Learning that leads to RESULTS

When you complete this course and finish all the assignments, you'll be on your way to becoming a social selling champion:

  • Take key steps to craft your unique personal brand to stand out from the competition

  • Grow your professional network to expand your reach of targeted prospects

  • Maximize your use of LinkedIn and Twitter (key social channels for B2B selling)

  • Prospect, connect and engage with intention -- without needing a hard core sales pitch

  • How to quickly and easily create, curate and repurpose valued content

  • Turn targeted cold prospects into warm qualified leads

  • Manage your progress and measure your success

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Get Started
  • 2
    Maximize Your Social Presence
    • Personal Branding is Important
    • Creating Great Social Profiles
    • ASSIGNMENT: Branding /Profiles
    • Personal Branding Worksheets
    • LinkedIn Profile Tips Guide
    • Guidance: Your Company's Social Media Policy
    • Download Presentations: Intro / Maximize Your Social Presence
  • 3
    Grow Your Network
    • Your Network is your Net Worth
    • Connecting on LinkedIn
    • Connecting on Twitter
    • Other Networking Considerations
    • ASSIGNMENT: Network
    • Download Presentations: Network
  • 4
    Engage to Influence
    • Social Engagement: It's NOT All About You
    • Maximizing LinkedIn
    • Demystifying Twitter
    • Influence: Adopting the "Sell More by Selling Less" Mindset
    • Engagement Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts
    • ASSIGNMENT: Engage
    • Download Presentations: Engage
  • 5
    Deliver Value
    • How to Curate, Create, and Re-Purpose Engaging Content
    • Create Original Content: A Sampling of Powerful, Easy-to-Use Tools
    • ASSIGNMENT: Content
    • Download Presentations: Content
  • 6
    Monitor Activity & Measure Success
    • Tools & Insights to Track Your Progress
    • Keep at it! Influence is a Self-Motivating Cycle
    • Download Presentations: Monitor Progress

Maintain momentum by adding 1:1 coaching

We are dedicated to your longterm success! You can go it alone or you can choose the learning option that includes a 1:1 coaching session with Jane after you complete 100% of the course. Reward yourself with a coaching package and work with Jane to create an action plan that can help you maintain your momentum - because that's when the rubber meets the road on your journey to social selling success.
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Maintain momentum by adding 1:1 coaching


Course Instructor

  • Jane Scandurra

    Marketing & Social Media Strategist

    Jane Scandurra

    Jane Scandurra is a senior marketing professional with over 25 years of experience working in information technology, life sciences, and advertising industries. Her expertise is in digital/online marketing and global program management, thriving on emerging business opportunities. 

    Before starting Scandurra Group LLC, a global consulting business in 2006, she held various marketing management roles at industry-leading companies including IBM, Nokia, Prodigy, Bristol-Myers and BBDO Advertising. She is a pioneer in the online industry, having managed multi-million dollar marketing programs at Prodigy, helping it become one of the United States' first and largest interactive online services, prior to the widespread commercialization of the Internet.

    An avid and enthusiastic networker and connector of people and ideas, Jane loves motivating others to achieve success in their chosen pursuits. She is a sought after creative advisor and has educated thousands of individuals in organizations around the globe on how to become better personal and professional marketers and sellers in a socially connected, attention-challenged economy.

    Jane is a professionally trained coach and public speaker and, in her spare time, she co-produced the independent documentary film, "Single," for which she was featured in national media, including More Magazine, NBC's Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, and Fox TV.